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Save time and money in your search for credit cards online. We provide all the highest rated credit card offers and credit cards with best rewards from the top credit card companies such as American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. Find all the best credit card applications here. Instantly apply today and get approved. We make it easy to apply for a credit card online!

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The Platinum Card® from American Express is a charge card designed for those who have an excellent credit history, can pay in full each month, and want to avoid accumulating credit card debt.

This platinum card is by far one of the most glamorous of all platinum cards - offering numerous benefits and services to cardholders. In addition to the services provided by the gold card, the platinum card offers a concierge service, exclusive shopping discounts, up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance, and various travel related discounts, benefits, and services for cardholders (too many to list here). Read the 'Additional Perks' section (see below) as some of the benefits are quite impressive and unique.

Access to the Membership Rewards® program is free and offers cardholders the opportunity to redeem accumulated points for various services and benefits. For those who are not familiar with the Membership Rewards® program, it is by far one of the best and most flexible reward programs available, with no expiration or yearly limit applied towards points earned. Plus, cardholders get 25,000 bonus points when they spend $1000 in their first three months of membership - that's the equivalent of one domestic airline ticket.

Of course, all these services and benefits come with a hefty price - a $450 annual fee, which is one of the highest annual fees in the credit card industry. Due to its high annual fee, this card should be exclusively used by those who spend at least $3,500 - $4,500 or more on their credit cards each month, frequently travel, and plan to take advantage of the many exclusive benefits offered.

Therefore, those who will take advantage of the many services and discounts and plan to spend several thousand dollars a month will benefit most from the Platinum Card® from American Express.

Most Attractive Feature(s): Free access to rewards program; many benefits and additional perks.

Least Attractive Feature(s): Extremely high annual fee for primary and additional cardholders.

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Best Credit Cards

It’s not for long, but only for a few years that we are enjoying the power to claim varieties of goods and services even before making payments with the arrival of plastic money. Undoubtedly, with its advent our purchasing power has increased but the most important question which arises whether you are really enjoying your credit worthiness or paying more money on the name of free credit?  It’s all about a money making business, although you may think it as a privilege. One need to be smart enough while using their credit cards, if not there is every possible chance when one may get ripped of by banks. Following are a few considerations which need to keep in mind while buying or using credit cards to gain maximum benefit of it.


The brand of your credit card decides the acceptance of your card around the world. A few popular brands of credit cards are like Visa, master, American express, Maestro, Visa Electron etc. Among those Visa and Master cards are the most widely accepted credit card brands. Getting credit cards with these holograms will help your card to get accepted by various merchants.

Interest rates:

Another vital consideration which one needs to review and compare is the interest rate at which the payment need to done on making the payment through credit cards. Being a customer, you should primarily focus on getting the lowest interest rate offered rather being carried away by the gifts and rewards which sometimes being offered by credit card companies.

Duration of Credit Free period:

In order to enjoy the power of credit cards, you need to search for credit cards which offers maximum credit free period. Such cards provide you with more stretch of time in getting your dues paid. Most credit cards provide its customers with 50 days as grace period.


Best Rewards Credit Cards

Credit cards are now becoming an important belonging among many people in this modern age. Today we are having a lot of options to choose among a variety of credit cards offered by various companies. The factor which counts most is the preference of credit card one makes. Quite naturally, we all like to prefer a credit card which offers a certain amount of money back to us while spending on our different needs. In order to meet our needs and expectations, rewards credit cards has evolved for some time from now. But, again we are being lead to confusion while choosing the best credit card among a lot.

At the time of choosing a credit card, it’s always suggested to be aware of the details pertaining to the rewards. The banks usually offer us with attractive rewards to attract as much as applicants. It’s always wise to choose a credit card offering some rewards which are suitable with our needs. Along with this, the APR charges also need to be checked which gets accumulated and need to be paid in the future.

People who travel at times can be benefited using rewards credit cards. There are a few reward credit cards which accumulates points while travel expenses. The same can be at the time one shops using the credit card. The points earned using the credit card can be redeemed while going for a vacation. 

A few banks also offer its customers to earn points by paying their bills using rewards credit cards. It is same as paying your bills by cash, but rewards are being offered at times while paying bills using rewards credit cards.

As said earlier, there are now a number of banks offering rewards credit cards. Among of them all, American Express Rewards Card is widely popular because of its suitability. Here, rewards are being offered on almost every dollar spent using it. The cardholders use the rewards for shopping or some exclusive events.

A credit card is of much worth which can be used in multiple functions. It actually helps to double our fun not only by giving the opportunity to claim the things we need, but also giving some portions of money back after spending.


Best Airline Credit Cards

Airline Credit Cards are now the buzz among people who travel from one destination to another more frequently. It’s quite challenging to decide a particular airline credit card which will serve best for your purpose. The first thing which comes in our mind is that how will we intend to take the advantage of the miles. Some will like to use the miles in traveling exclusively within their own country, again a few will like making trips across the seas. These two distinctions involve distinctly different flier miles.

It’s rather easy to avail flights for domestic travel acquiring them with airline miles rewards. This holds true for either major or regional airlines. But, the case is not same if you intend to plan to go for a trip abroad, taking the facility of the airline rewards credit cards. To avail this offer, you need to have airline rewards cards which are associated or partnered with major airlines like United Airlines, TWA, or American Airlines and others which travel to almost every destination all over the world. To fly abroad, you will need more miles and the cost will also be high in comparison to domestic or national trips.

One of the most popular among travelers is the Capital One No Hassle Miles Rewards credit cards. This particular airline credit card is successfully offering huge benefits with an excellent record. Travelers using this card are not charged with APR during the introductory period. Again, you can also earn 1.25 miles for every dollar spent using this credit card.

Another one known as American Express Delta Sky Miles credit card has been successful in making a positive mark in the minds of people. The annual fee is being waved for the first year of its use. Signature rewards are also offered with this card.

City Premier Pass Card is one of the airline rewards credit cards which are regarded one of the best among the lot. This credit card grants its cardholders with 5000 rewards points after its purchase. Cardholders are also offered with 1 point for every 3 miles traveled on any airline. Along with this, APR is also waived during the introductory period.

So, there are a quite number of credit cards available now days which gives you airline miles as rewards. But, most importantly you need to choose the right one in accordance to your needs.


Best Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards are only beneficial to those who travel more frequently.  A few sections of people sometimes think a great idea behind travel credit cards. The benefit of travel credit cards gets ripped of by annual fees and other charges either clear or hidden, if you travel once in a year.

Credit cards with travel reward may be sometimes specific to some specific airlines or a particular airline. These travel credit cards also at times rewards you with hotel stay, auto rental, or even at the time of purchasing at retails stores. At current times, there are wide array of travel credit cards available. But among those, most importantly you need to choose the travel reward credit card which suits your needs and which can provide maximum savings on your most frequent uses.

The discount offered by most of the travel credit cards also proves to be handy even you are not the traveler.  At times when your friends and family members that travels to you or if you are a recruiter flying your job applicants in for interviews, then you might find car rental or airline perks advantageous.

Travel reward credit cards associates with a number of offers to its customers. Some of them commonly offer travel insurance which includes worldwide emergencies like lost luggage, medical evacuation and emergency expatriation. All these become much difficult to resolve without adequate purchase of coverage and pre-travel preparation.

Another vital aspect while choosing a travel reward credit card is in knowing the schedule and values of travel reward. You need to check at the time of cash rewards whether you are offered your cash from the travel reward credit card in earliest possible time.

The other factor which also needs to take into consideration is the charge for cash advances while deciding to use a travel reward credit card among the array of credit cards available.


Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Most of us likes to go for shopping every now and then to purchase different things as per as our needs. How will you feel if you can earn every time you purchase anything while shopping? Quite naturally you will feel very happy to have that. This has made possible with the evolvement of cash back credit card. Cash back credit cards benefits its customers with various rewards on purchasing different things using the card. The rewards offered are usually in the form of rebates and cash backs.

Now days, there are varieties of cash back credit cards available. This credit card is also now achievable through online. The problem one faces is while choosing a particular cash back credit card among the many.

At first glance, you may have an idea that all cash back credit cards are alike. But, if you pay more attention to all the available credit cards, you can notice that they all differ with each other in respect of APR, introductory period and annual fees. 

Only a few years back from now, cash back credit card companies only offered 1% of the total purchase made.  But now, the percentage in cash back has risen by much which is up to 5%.

The cash back credit cards which has been successful in making a mark in the market includes American Express’s Blue cash and Citibank Dividend Rewards MasterCard. These cards have already become much popular due to its 5% cash back offer on day to day purchases made. 

Cash back rewards offered by various cash back credit cards generally depends on the type of purchase made. So it’s wise to get learned in advance about this for the cash back credit card you intend to choose.

Cash back credit card companies usually offer its card holders with cash backs and other rewards only on purchasing things from affiliated stores and gas stations with that particular credit card company. It will be pointless if you go on for shopping other than affiliated stores and shops of the cash back credit card you possess. So, it’s best to choose cash back credit cards which allows you to purchase different items from the stores where you shop more often.


Credit Card Companies - Credit Card Providers - Credit Card Offers - Credit Card Services

American Express - Provides a wide range of card, travel, and financial services to individuals and businesses.
Applied Card Bank - Issues secured and unsecured credit cards to United States residents with past credit problems, by mail offer only. Formerly Cross Country Bank.
Bank of America - Issues a variety of Visa cards, including a student card and a secured card.
BankFirst - Issuer of major credit cards with varying benefits. Also issues several pre-paid cards, including Wired Plastic. Private label cards available.
BMO Financial Group - Issuer of the Mosaik MasterCard to residents of Canada, for business or personal use.
Capital One Financial Corp. - Among the largest issuers of major brand bank card products worldwide.
Chase Manhattan Bank - Issues a variety of cards offering various benefits and reward programs.
Citibank - Issues a large selection of major brand cards offering various advantages.
Commerce Bank - Provides a range of personal and commercial credit cards.
Discover Financial Services - Issues the Discover card and also offers financial investments, loans and insurance.
Fifth Third Bank - Offers MasterCard credit and debit cards for personal and business customers in certain U.S. states.
First National Bank of Omaha - Offers a variety of personal and business Visa cards.
First Premier Bank - Issues credit cards which help consumers establish or re-establish their credit history.
First Tennessee Bank - Issuer of major credit cards for United States residents. No annual fee. Benefits vary.
HSBC - Issuer of MasterCard credit cards, including affinity cards, a rewards card, and a non-prime card.
JCB Bank - Issuer of the JCB card, issued in 17 countries and accepted in 167 countries.
Merrick Bank - Personal loans and Visa credit card issuer with standard rewards for the subprime market.
Providian - Issues a selection of Visa products for consumers of all credit ratings.
Pulaski Bank - Issuer offers a selection of low interest cards.
Royal Bank of Canada - Offers a range of Visa credit cards for personal or business accounts.
Simmons First National Bank - Offers major credit cards with varying benefits to residents of the United States and Puerto Rico.
State Farm Bank - Issues rewards cards, including a student card, to residents of the United States.
Target National Bank - Issuer of the Target Visa, a rewards card for United States residents.
TD Canada Trust - Issues a range of personal and commercial Visa credit cards. Site in English and French.
TNB Card Services - Manages card issuance and acquisition for member credit unions.
U.S. Bank - Offers a range of personal credit cards for residents of the United States and Puerto Rico. Business credit cards also available to small businesses in about half of the states.
Wells Fargo Bank - MasterCard issuer with online account access and rewards program.
Zions Bank - Offers personal credit cards, some with rebates, to United States residents.
Ceridian Corporation - International information services company whose two major specialties are human resources outsourcing and credit card services. News items, overview of each of their businesses, investor information. Based in Bloomington, Minnesota. (NYSE: CEN).
CrediCard National Bank - Private label cards issued by and only usable at stores owned by one company.
CreditNet - Provides a guide to cards for consumers, as well as credit alerts and news.
iCard Systems - Provider of customized payment card services and solutions.
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Card Watch - Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS) is UK banking industry's body that works with police, retailers, cardholders and organisations to fight payment card fraud. Provides interactive training on prevention with articles, links and contacts. Commentaries - Consumer reviews of cards and card companies. News Bulletins - Monthly. Archives available. Examines issues and developments in smart cards and other advanced credit card technologies in banking, transportation, government, and university settings.
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WalletPop: Credit Cards - Tips on managing your credit cards and how to find the best credit cards for you.

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