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Save time and money in your search for the best credit cards online. We provide all the highest rated credit card offers with reviews and credit cards with best rewards from the top credit card companies such as American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. Find all the best credit card applications here. Instantly apply today and get approved. We make it easy to apply for the best credit card online!

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The Visa Black Card, issued by Barclays Bank Delaware, is so unique it's not even made of plastic. It's made of an exclusive carbon graphite material and offers its members exclusive rewards and benefits to match.

Through the exclusive rewards program, card members can opt to receive 1% cash back on purchases or one point for every dollar spent on purchases. Points can be used toward travel on any airline, anytime. Rewards expire five years after they are awarded.

The star-quality benefits that come with this card include 24-hour concierge services, luxury gifts from top retailers, and access hundreds of airport lounges with an exclusive Travel Lounge Priority Pass™. Additional benefits include travel accident insurance, a Collision Damage Waiver, $300 baggage delay insurance, $1,500 trip interruption/cancellation insurance, and more.

To access all of the benefits that come with this card, card members will be required to pay a $495 annual fee (and $195 for each additional cardholder). Although the APR for purchases and balance transfers are above average, cardholders will enjoy a 0% introductory rate on balance transfers for the first six billing cycles.

The APR for cash advances does have a minimum cap, which means that no matter how low the Prime Rate falls, the interest rate will not go below a predetermined rate.

Card membership is limited to only 1% of U.S. residents, so those who love the benefits of exclusivity, and can afford to pay this card's high annual fee, will find the The Visa Black Card a great match for their fine tastes.

Most Attractive Feature(s): Many exclusive card benefits; rewards program; limited membership.

Least Attractive Feature(s): High annual fee requirement.

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It’s not for long, but only for a few years that we are enjoying the power to claim varieties of goods and services even before making payments with the arrival of plastic money. Undoubtedly, with its advent our purchasing power has increased but the most important question which arises whether you are really enjoying your credit worthiness or paying more money on the name of free credit?  It’s all about a money making business, although you may think it as a privilege. One need to be smart enough while using their credit cards, if not there is every possible chance when one may get ripped of by banks. Following are a few considerations which need to keep in mind while buying or using credit cards to gain maximum benefit of it.


The brand of your credit card decides the acceptance of your card around the world. A few popular brands of credit cards are like Visa, master, American express, Maestro, Visa Electron etc. Among those Visa and Master cards are the most widely accepted credit card brands. Getting credit cards with these holograms will help your card to get accepted by various merchants.

Interest rates:

Another vital consideration which one needs to review and compare is the interest rate at which the payment need to done on making the payment through credit cards. Being a customer, you should primarily focus on getting the lowest interest rate offered rather being carried away by the gifts and rewards which sometimes being offered by credit card companies.

Duration of Credit Free period:

In order to enjoy the power of credit cards, you need to search for credit cards which offers maximum credit free period. Such cards provide you with more stretch of time in getting your dues paid. Most credit cards provide its customers with 50 days as grace period.

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